The Swiss Efficiency and Precision

  • The Swiss are renowned for their efficiency and precise manufacturing. After your arrival in Switzerland for work and live, you will quickly find out that reliable and established processes are the base of efficiently dealing with governmental offices and agencies.

  • However, bureaucracy and the related overload of paperwork to be completed engrosses increasingly the daily life besides work and family.

  • Switzerland’s international flair with the high flexibility of Swiss in language skills are highly valued by newly arrived work professionals. The job opportunities and the entrepreneurial spirit are highly recognized in the country of high ranked universities, global companies and start-ups in speciality industries. Despite that, administration information or filing of forms, such as tax filing, are only available in the national languages German, French and Italian.

  • Newly arrived professionals receive often assistance from their HR department. Besides that, relocation services or legal counsels can take care of relocation and administration issues. However, the outsourcing of such services can be costly and are not a choice for many foreign workforces. Shortly after the initial period in Switzerland, foreign professionals are left on their own. Thus, paperwork is shoved aside only to finding out later that important information and opportunities have been missed – opportunities that makes the live in Switzerland even easier and more cost efficient.

  • SwissTeacher’s seminars and workshops help you to efficiently handling important administration and managing due dates.

  • Thus, learning the efficient and precise Swiss Way.


Knowledge & Expertise

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How to efficiently handle:

  • Issues on rental, work or sales contracts

  • Preparing Immigration office’s forms and applications


  • Proper filing of tax return on time with the specifics for foreign professionals

  • Applications to public offices, agencies and insurance companies

  • Correspondence with governmental agencies and public authorities

  • Paralegal services

  • Reclaim of Social Security benefits after de-register


  • Institutions

  • Groups of Individuals

  • Company Workshops 


Christoph Stalder

  • BSc Economics
    eidg. dipl. Betriebsökonom HWV

  • Trainer SVEB 1 (

  • Certificate contract law, Université de Genève (2017)

  • Advanced Diploma International Tax
    Modul 1 - International Tax (2019)


deutsch, english, français, italiano,
ಕನ್ನಡ, മലയാളം (translated on request)

current lecturing & teaching engagements:
BVS Business School Luzern
(accounting, contract law)
Höhere Fachschule Bürgenstock, HFB



37 Am Oeschbrig
Zürich, 8053

mobile +41 (0)76 321 0811 land +41 (0)44 462 2104

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